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Charles City native. Proven conservative leader. businessman.

Promoting Economic Development and Fighting Government Overreach

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I want to bring economic development to small town Iowa.
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Thank you for your support!

charles city native. proven Conservative Leader. Businessman.

Promoting Economic Development and Fighting Government Overreach

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About Me

About charley

I am a political outsider. Before my first term in the Iowa House, I had never held elected office before.  In addition to serving as an Iowa Representative, I am currently a lawyer and businessman with more than 35 years working in the private sector.

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What I Will Fight For

The Economy

We need to continue to cut the red tape and promote economic development in our district. Government is not good at making it easy or productive for community members to pursue business opportunities in rural Iowa, even when these activities would clearly benefit the local economy. While many great laws have been passed to shrink the impediments in the way of entrepreneurs, I will keep working to make sure we have a seat at the table and that our voices are heard.


I will continue the fight against government overreach. Right now, the leaders of the far left are still imposing outrageous, intrusive, and counterproductive policies across the country. I've practiced law for more than three decades, and I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Constitutional Conservative. I know what they are up to; I have a proven record of calling them out on their schemes to micromanage our lives and rob us of our freedoms, and I will keep it up. I will continue to advocate for your rights, my rights, and the rights of future District 58 Iowans.


Finally, I will continue the fight for our children. We have made great strides, but many public schools are still indoctrinating our youth, turning history lessons into far-left propaganda courses, and fomenting political and ethnic hatred. Coupled with the Covid years and the nearly psychotic compulsion of radical-left Democrats to impose perpetual mask mandates, we are in a dilemma. If we don’t act now and take back the ability to teach our children and expand educational freedom, I fear for where we will be in 1, 2, 5, or even 10 years.


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